Tasty, high-quality catering can turn a meeting into an event, an event into a party, and make any workday a better one. Sometimes, the familiarity of pizza or sandwich catering is just what a meeting or event calls for. However, your team members are also sure to appreciate fare that offers something new and distinctive while being tasty. The versatility and reliable deliciousness of chicken dishes makes them the perfect catering option. Consider a few of the following chicken meals your team members are sure to love, whether you’re catering Columbus Ohio events, those in NYC, or a meeting in rural Idaho.

Germanic Goodness – Schnitzel

The term “schnitzel” is actually a term for a cut of meat and cooking style rather than a single meal. It’s a meat that’s been pounded into flat tenderness, breaded, and then fried. For instance, the famous wiener schnitzel is a cut of veal. Chicken schnitzel is a favorite variation, however, and your team will immediately discover why when you favor them with catering from a favorite local German restaurant.

Southern Scrumptiousness – Chicken and Waffles

The beauty of chicken is that, among other things, it’s delectable when paired with both sweet and savory elements. There’s no better demonstration of that celestial combination than a plate of chicken and waffles. It’s a southern-fried classic that’s sure to be a hit when catering Nashville or Houston events, but introducing this glorious, iconic dish to teams above the Mason-Dixon can be even more fun.

Comforting Classic — Chicken Pot Pie

For far too many people around the country, the chicken pot pie conjures up associations with the grocery store freezer aisle. It summons impressions of a charred crust surrounding lava-hot filling except for a core that somehow remains frozen solid. All of that is worth risking for the tastiness that is a chicken pot pie when it’s done right. Then there’s a chicken pot pie that’s catered from the right local eatery: a buttery-warm, flaky crust in which moist nuggets of chicken and vegetables swim in a sumptuous bath of delicious gravy. It’s an unforgettable catering experience.

Savory Succulence — Chicken Piccata

Chicken piccata is a cherished Italian dish featuring a composition of robust flavors. A butterflied chicken breast is breaded in a flour coat and browned, traditionally before being served on a bed of pasta or polenta. The star of the dish, however, is a buttery sauce in which a complex ensemble of flavor profiles is led by piquant capers complemented with the tart acidity of lemon juice. Chicken piccata is often further enhanced by a white wine reduction and the inclusion of garlic or shallots to finish the sauce. If your team has yet to experience the bold feast for the tastebuds that is a well-made chicken piccata from a well-regarded local Italian restaurant, it’s high time that changed with some choice catering.

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