Businesses are always looking for new and innovative ways to boost productivity among their teams. You may have read a healthy stack of books and blog posts on the subject. All too often, though, business leaders are left scratching their heads when they implement a new initiative only to see less-than-stellar results. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to improving productivity. There are, however, things that can have positive impacts. One is lunch catering. It’s something more businesses are exploring, and there are several reasons why lunch catering can deliver results—just as it delivers delicious food. What makes lunch such a potential boon to productivity? Here are three ways it can make the impact you’re looking for.

Bolster Morale Across the Board

It’s no secret that morale can play a major role in the productivity of a team. When morale is up, productivity tends to be up right alongside it. As such, it can pay to look for ways to bolster morale—even if morale is already good within your organization. One way to do that is with catered lunches. These can give your team something extra to look forward to every day they’re in the office. At the same time, they may feel more appreciated as individual team members within the larger organization. This can translate to a stronger work ethic and a team more invested in the work they do for the company.

Get a More Focused Team

Catered lunches at work means people have one less thing to think about during the day. Team members can put in their orders, have them delivered, and enjoy them. And then jump back into work. It’s a way to streamline the day—and streamline focus. Plus, when your team is fed in the middle of their workday, that too contributes to improved focus. They can enjoy Mexican catering from their favorite Mexican restaurant down the street without breaking up the day. Then they can enjoy their tacos or fajitas and they’re energized and focused for the next part of the day.

Catered Lunch Saves Time for Everyone

We only have so many hours in the workday to get things done. All too often, it feels like figuring out lunch plans eats up essentially the full lunch break. Along with eating delicious food, the lunch break is meant to be a nice mid-day mental break. By ordering catering for the team, you can help them get more time out of their lunch break. The food is already waiting for them, and they can spend the 30 minutes or an hour enjoying the time away from their desks. Once the break is over, they’ll feel way more refreshed and ready to tackle the afternoon’s projects.

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