Are you ready to celebrate National Pi Day? This day honors the number π, pi, or 3.14, the mathematical constant that gives us the ratio of a circle’s circumference. It lands every year on March 14, otherwise known as 3/14 or 3.14. National Pi Day became an official “national” day when it was recognized by Congress on March 14, 2009.

Since National Pi Day arrives on a Tuesday this year, it’s the perfect day to order some pi-inspired catering for the office. It’s a fun and simple way to recognize the day while engaging the team. Here are a few well-rounded ideas you can use to bring the magic of pi to your workplace this March 14.

Celebrate Pi with…Pie!

It just makes perfect sense. What better way to celebrate pi than with pie? After all, pie is about as round as it gets. Get a mix of savory pies and dessert pies. Or just indulge the workplace sweet tooth with a spread of dessert pies.

If you’re catering Dallas area business lunch (or afternoon dessert), don’t miss Miz. G’s House of Pies. They know pies, and they’re a Dallas-Fort Worth staple that got its start in Bedford, Texas. Of course, if your business isn’t anywhere near the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you may have your own pie options nearby. After all, people love pie, and with so many kinds of pie, it’s another one of those foods that offers something for everyone.

You Can’t Spell Pizza Without Pi

You knew this was coming. It may very well be the ultimate circular food, and pretty much everyone loves pizza in one form or another. That’s what makes pizza the go-to when it comes to workplace catering. It’s simple yet comes in all kinds of delectable varieties. And the ultimate pi day pizza? Pepperoni, of course! It’s circles on circles. Maybe add some Canadian bacon for another helping of circles.

Another great thing that makes pizza the go-to for workplace catering—for National Pi Day or for any other reason—is that you can find pizza just about everywhere. If you’re catering Lexington KY company lunches or ordering for a Portland business, you’re golden.

Bagels, Cookies, and Donuts—Oh My!

There are a lot of circular foods out there. It makes sense. It’s an efficient shape for prepared foods and baked goods. If you want to celebrate National Pi Day with round food but want to keep things extra simple and on budget, there are three snacks that fit the bill: bagels, cookies, and donuts.

Bagels can be a catered snack or a complete meal. You can go simple and just get a selection of bagels and spreads, or you could go for bagel sandwiches in individually packaged lunches. Donuts and cookies are even easier. Get a few boxes of either, and you’re ready for National Pi Day.

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