Mardi Gras is here! It lands on February 21 this year. Because it lands on a weekday, many businesses around the country like to bring a little Mardi Gras fun into the workplace this month—usually in the form of food, along with green, gold, and purple décor. Some offices may hold Mardi Gras-themed potlucks, while others may order catering.

Mardi Gras, also known as Fat Tuesday, is often associated with the food and festivities of New Orleans—a city rich in culture and cuisine. How can you incorporate the fun and food inspired by Mardi Gras into your workplace? Here are three cuisine options you won’t want to miss.

Cajun Cuisine

Celebrate Mardi Gras in classic style with Cajun cuisine! Cajun food is a treat for the senses. Being a regional cuisine, finding quality Cajun catering can be challenging, but it can be worth tracking down for the team. If you’re catering Lexington KY office events this February and étouffée or jambalaya is on the menu, you could go with Bourbon n’ Toulouse or Louisiana Passion Catering.

Of course, if your business isn’t in Lexington or the southern U.S., you may still have a few choices. Let’s say your business is in Portland OR. In that case, Le Bontemps Café & Catering is a Cajun option sure to leave your office going back for seconds.

Southern Hospitality

If you live in an area where Cajun and Creole catering is hard to come by, but you still want to bring in Mardi Gras food flair to the office, Southern cuisine is another option. Because it is a broader option, it tends to be easier to find. Southern cuisine can be defined by all kinds of hearty staples, from fried chicken and mashed potatoes to baked pasta dishes and casseroles.

Catering Dallas area business lunches? Some Southern options include Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken (a chicken and Southern staple with 30 locations in 14 states) and The Food Trap Dallas. Though, being in Dallas, you can certainly find some good Cajun, too! Like Jambalaya Shack and Mickle Cajun Kitchen.

The Spice of Life

If you really want to turn up the office Mardi Gras festivities, consider adding a spicier dish to the roster. When catering workplace events, it’s always good to have a spread of a few dishes (though exact numbers depend entirely on the number of people partaking). Thankfully, Creole and Cajun cooking isn’t afraid to bring the heat!

However, if you’re thinking about ordering spicier dishes, it’s courtesy to let your team know certain options have more heat than others. At the same time, it’s good to label what’s in catered dishes, too. From hot peppers to shellfish, Cajun and Creole can have ingredients your team needs to be aware of before jumping in and celebrating in Mardi Gras style!

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