Why is it so satisfying to bite into a bagel and a schmear? Is it the chew of the bagel? The richness of the cream cheese? The enticing flavors of the cream cheese additions? There’s a lot to like about bagels. It might be why they’re such a good catering option for business events. Bagels bring a lot to the table. They’re effortless, even when you cater a spread full of choices. Bagels can be sweet, savory, or a bit of both. They’re a highly customizable experience. Have a business event coming up and thinking about providing a catered lunch for the occasion? It’s time to put bagels on the table.

There’s a Bagel for Everyone 

Asiago, blueberry, cinnamon raisin, egg, everything, garlic, onion, poppy, pumpernickel, sesame, and so on. When it comes to sheer choice, bagels are up there. Step into any bagel shop, and it’s immediately apparent. The same can be said when you order bagels for a catered event. Choice rules. As people gather, they can get the bagel they want. Maybe you have a few asiago fans in the crowd. Maybe you have a few people who swear by the everything bagel. No matter the group you’re catering to, bagels are true people-pleasers. If you’re catering Columbus Ohio business events, you might go with Sammy’s New York Bagels. They offer more than 20 bagel varieties. That’s impressive!

Don’t Forget the Selection of Spreads

If the choice of bagels isn’t enough, the spreads will surely take the cake. From basic cream cheese (a true classic) to flavored schmears, no bagel has to be eaten plain—though no judgment if that’s how you bagel. If you want to impress the crowd at the next business or corporate event, laying out a spread of bagels and schmears will leave people talking. And satisfied. Onion and chive, bacon and scallion, veggie, jalapeno, blueberry, strawberry, honey and walnut—you know where this is going. Between the bagel and schmear selections, there are infinite ways to prepare a bagel.

Toppings Made to Delight 

Bagels don’t end with the schmear. You can add even more options by going the full sandwich route. Many restaurants and caterers offer bagel sandwich options. This is great if your event is during the afternoon. Your group may have lunch on the mind. Deli meats, greens, and other sandwich toppings can fill that lunch craving. Let’s say you’re catering Nashville corporate retreats. You might search Einstein Bros. Bagels. They have breakfast and lunch covered, along with everything else bagel related. You can get a simple bagel and schmear setup or go for a more complete “sandwich” experience. That’s the versatility of the bagel. Or, as some people might say, the magic of the bagel.

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